Daddy Styles.
Harry is the most perfect dad to your baby girl, only a few weeks old.
During your pregnancy he would take such good care of you, cuddling you when you were down or tired, bring you things and make your dinner for you, he was just perfect and you just knew straight away that he was going to be the best dad. From the moment you found out you were pregnant, you both haven’t stopped smiling, it was the best news and harry is already head over heels in love and the baby hasn’t even arrived yet. He’s always talking about how when she grows up he’s gonna take her to the shows to see him and treat her like a princess. He also jokes about how she’s not going to date any boy until she’s at least 20, although you know he’s not joking he’s just so protective.

Everytime you go shopping for baby things he gets excited like a little kid, just so adorable and the little giggle he does when you talk about the baby just makes you melt and fall even more in love with him..if that’s even possible!

The day of the birth was like a dream, just the two of you together.
He just held her in his arms staring into her eyes for ages, tears filled your eyes as you watched them..harry looked up and saw you crying his chest tightened “hey baby what’s up?” Y/n:”im just happy, so happy I couldn’t ask for anything more I love you two more than the world”..he replied stroking his hand down your cheek “this is perfect, you’re perfect I love you so much”.

Later the Louis Liam Niall and zayn came to visit, seeing them all together is just perfect holding your little angel and seeing how much they love her just melts your heart. You have the most perfect little family.

This was the start of a new chapter that you were both so excited about.

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